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Priority areas

We can invest in 7 priority areas of the Australian economy, as set out in the National Reconstruction Fund Corporation (Priority Areas) Declaration 2023(Opens in a new tab/window).

Find out about our priority areas.

Type of investments

The NRFC has broad power to provide financial accommodations including:

  • debt
  • equity
  • guarantees.

We do not provide grants. 

Our approach 

In performing its functions, including when it looks at individual investments, the board must consider the value of:

  • growing industrial capability 
  • helping industry pursue value-adding opportunities 
  • improving economic diversity 
  • crowding-in private finance 
  • decarbonisation 
  • creating secure jobs and a skilled, adaptable workforce 
  • boosting supply chain resilience 
  • commercialising Australian innovation.   

The board must also consider the importance of improving economic participation by historically under-represented groups including First Nations people, women, people with a disability and people of culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

Please note, investments will not be made in projects which directly finance:

  • coal or natural gas extraction
  • constructing pipeline infrastructure for extracting natural gas
  • native forest logging.

Investment guidance  

This guidance provides an overview of our investment requirements and process.

Proposals must be solely or mainly Australian based, generate positive public policy outcomes and demonstrate a positive return on investment or the ability to repay debt, among other requirements.

Read our investment guidance. The guidance is also available to download.